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I can just picture Demon Dean singing and filming his own version of Blurred Lines with a bunch of different girls.


"Yeah. Yeah, I’m a demon…am I sensing this is a problem here?"

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Most people hate demon dean but I’m surprisingly ok with it haha don’t hate me





and it is the most important line ever spoken in the history of our series

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this is the very essence of our fandom

it is our origins


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#this was the first seal

the moment I sold my soul to supernatural

So true! And that was the moment I fell in love with Dean Winchester


Dean was not happy. You had snuck out of the motel room to hunt by yourself and now he or Sam, hell even Bobby couldn’t get a whole of you.

You had called, which Sam picked up, to say you would be back soon. When Sam told Dean, he just sat there with his feet up, tapping his thumb until you got back home to him.

Just like me Dean is impatient


"So, is Cupid gonna be a dick like most angels?" You asked, then quickly added, "No offense, Cas."

"None taken." He replied. "Cupid is a good soul, a bit over the top, but kind."

"Then let’s get this over with." You said.

You stood next to Dean and watched as Sam summoned the angel. Within…


""She Will be Loved" - for Anon" Dean One Shot


Author: ultimaticity-of-angels

Original Request:"She Will be Loved" - Dean oneshot for Anon

Warnings: Self-esteem issues


A weight. A heavy, iron-clad weight. That’s all you were. That’s why Sam and Dean had gone off on their own to hunt the latest monster. They hadn’t given you any idea on what it was; you weren’t able to help with any of the research. Any time you offered your help, they always refused it, saying some bull about you needing more sleep, or that you needed to take a break and clear your mind because you had seen much lately; but you knew the truth. You had been slowing the boys down for the last couple hunts. You were the weight that was slowly dragging them down, deeper into the water; they had gotten rid of you before they drowned.

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Love this!!!


Screams ringed through your ears. You turned and looked in every direction, but to no avail. You were running in an endless maze- a labyrinth.

Dean’s screams grew louder. He was calling for you, begging for you. Tears streamed down your face. You were confused and frustrated and well, lost.

Wherever you felt the sound was coming from, it only took you to a dead end. You were becoming breathless from running and your legs burned but you couldn’t stop, not until you found your Dean.

Love it!!!

(Dean x Reader)


Request : Can you write a dean one shot where he uses his best pick up lines on me ? thanks <3

Warnings : none

Word Count : ~1011

Here :) Hope you enjoy and sorry for any mistakes ! Thanks for the request ! ♥

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I love it!!!

(Dean x Reader)


Request : the reader or Dean gets cursed with the truth spell and spill her/his feelings for the other?

Warnings : none

Word count : ~625

Here ! Hope you like it and sorry for any mistakes ! Keep sending requests ! -Love you all ♥

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I love this



Please make an arrow one!!! Your amazing!!!



Please make an arrow one!!! Your amazing!!!